No Hai Online

Welcome to our platform made in this corner of Transylvania where you can quickly create a website with articles, forms and a good integration with social media or you can contact us to make your website.


  • Articles - different ways to display text, images, buttons, videos, maps or embedded content.
  • Forms to interact with your visitators.
  • Multi-linguage (the site can be easily made in any language).
  • Social Media integration (set the title, description or the image that apears when a website page is shared on social media).
  • Multiple users with different roles can be added to edit a website.
  • Responsive design (the site will adapt automaticaly to any screen size of any device).
  • Admin interface (the content of the sites can be edited at any time from any device via admin interface).
  • See all the features in action in the following video:


Contact If you want us to design and build your website or you have any other questions, contact us:



The first 3 months are free, and then the cost is 3€/month (minimun 1 year) during which: - you can add or edit any page / article / form at any time - you will receive tehnical support - you will always have your site online

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